Welcome to All Star Window Cleaning

Here at All Star Window Cleaning, we really live by the motto, “the customer is always right.” This means that we structure all of our services with the convenience of our customers as our number-one priority. We accomplish this by offering affordable prices, convenient hours and the most skilled technicians available.
We are proud to offer a wide range of window-cleaning services to many residential and commercial customers, including real estate agents. In addition to our residential premium window cleaning and commercial window-cleaning services, we also provide residential screen cleaning, residential window sealing, and residential hard water restoration.
Since All Star Window Cleaning is a small, locally-owned company, we take great care to thoroughly background check, test and train each and every employee that we hire. We consider this company to be a family, and we want to be surrounded by only the best. Our customers, then, are able to benefit from high-quality window-cleaning services by our experienced and professional technicians.
In addition to our highly-skilled, friendly technicians, we here at All Star Window Cleaning are proud to also offer superior, safe equipment and cleaning solutions. It’s our goal to provide our customers with indoor environments that are clean, healthy and free from allergy-causing pollutants.
Excellent customer service is a hallmark of All Star Window Cleaning. Not only do we make dirty windows look like new, we always strive to go above and beyond for our customers.